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With different design options, choice of colours and with various material and model types available, our shutters provide a decorative, functional system perfectly suited for todays demands.



Choosing your style, material and colour

Your choice of shutter material and style will influence the design options available to you, as well as the windows themselves. You can also upgrade your bi-fold shutter hinges, catches, magnets and ring pulls.


Enhance your feature window

Our elegant shutters fit the smallest opening to huge expanses of picture windows. Fun portholes, grand gable ends, or elegant arches, our shutters can be crafted to fit virtually any curved or angled shape.


Louver sizes

A mid sized louver is preferred by the majority of our customers, however there are various sizes to chose from depending on how much light and privacy you want. Sizes available: 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm




Shutters provide privacy as well as the upmost solar protection with our special materials for enhanced heat reduction. We have an extensive colour palette and stain collection, with more than 50 options to choose from; Ultrasound Blinds are one of leading shutter specialists in the UK.

MDF, through waterproof ABS and intruder resistant aluminium, to elegant hardwoods – we have it all. We do not compromise on the thickness of our slats, so you do not have to worry about warping or breakages.


This two layer fabric creates a thermal barrier between the room and window by trapping air in between the compartments. 


Each paint finish receives several coats and a final protective UV layer to limit fading caused by the
sun. Choose from 24 colours or 27 stains for our premium wood range.

LEVEL 1 is our entry level shutter solution made from a high quality MDF covered in a patented polymer coating. It is both elegant and hardwearing.

LEVEL 2 is a hybrid shutter, featuring robust MDF frames and panels with hollow, lighter ABS louvres. It comes in a wider colour palette and more closely resembles the finish of a painted hardwood shutter.

LEVEL 3 is our entry level hardwood range. The shutters are made from a combination of our popular MDF frames but feature lightweight hardwood panels and louvres.

LEVEL 4 shutters are made from Paulownia, a sustainable hardwood which reaches maturity in 7-10 years. Its distinctive grain is ideal if you love natural textures. Painted LEVEL 4 shutters are made from a mix of three premium hardwoods. Its reduced weight makes it perfect for covering large window expanses and glass ceilings. It can also be crafted into any shape. Choose from 5 louvre widths, 27 wood stains and 23 paint colours, including a custom colour option.

Ideal for high humidity rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as children’s play areas. In addition to them being fully waterproof, ABS is very strong and is the same material that motorcycle helmets are made from.

Made from the finest quality white teak when stained, and the highest grade Ayous wood when painted, this distinctive product features robust frames to accommodate an optional hidden hinge. LEVEL 6 shutters can be crafted into any shape. Choose from 5 louvre widths, 27 wood stains and 22 paint colours, including a custom colour option.

Made from architectural grade aluminium, LEVEL 7 shutters have all the style and functionality of our wooden shutters with the additional advantage of intruder resistance.
Safety features include a top and bottom guide system that prevents the shutters from being lifted out of their channels, and a patented strip-proof lock. A CE certification ensures they’re finished to the highest standard. Available with 89mm louvres, a choice of 3 paint colours and a custom colour option. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.



Rather than a visible rod, rod-less tilt controls the louvres by a mechanism within the panel itself, meaning that if you tilt one, the others move with it.


Having a mid-rail allows you to tilt different sections of the shutter panel, meaning you can keep the lower section closed, leaving the top open.


If you are trying to achieve a specific look to match your existing colour scheme, we can match any high street paint including major brands.

Custom Made SHUTTERS By Ultrasound Blinds

Ultrasound Blinds are experts in the science of solar shading and apply this knowledge to help customers and industry professionals to create exceptional environments. Our in-house manufacturing facility, gives you the reassurance that your project will comply with all relevant legislation, and be completed on-time, on budget and hassle free.


Although we recommend sea freight as our default shipping option (8-10 weeks), you can opt for air freight, which will reduce the amount of time you have to wait (5-6 weeks).

More handling is involved in the air freight process, so there is slightly more risk of damage in transit.


Manual operating systems include tilting rods or rod-less tilt louvers. Motorised shutters are available using USB rechargeable motors with a built-in solar strip, once fully charged the battery life should last about a year. Operated with a stylish remote control, using buttons to tilt the slats or fully close them.

What Our Customers Say

We are very pleased with the new blinds supplied and installed by Ultrasound Blinds. The team provided a great service, from initial survey, consultation and quotation through to installation; the delivered quality blinds met with our requirements. We would recommend Ultrasound Blinds as a  reliable supplier, thanks again for your hard work.


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