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Our extensive collection of fabrics offers tactile textures and a wide variety of colours, styles and transparencies.

All Ultrasound Blinds products are made to measure, bespoke to order and hand crafted by us. To get the optimal look and function for your window, our team will provide you with professional advice on fabrics, transparency level, type of shade and control options.

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Seamless Integration with Wireless Shading

Every home can be a smart home

Innovations across product technology have advanced to make smart, connected homes technically and economically feasible. These include breakthroughs in the performance, miniaturization, and energy efficiency of sensors and batteries for highly compact, low-cost, convenient products. It's a common misconception that in order to have a smart home, you must begin wiring during the building phase. With the development of products aimed at retro-fit smart homes, smart devices have expanded significantly helping to substantially reduce costs and make intelligent systems more applicable to a wider market. Whether your home is yet to be built, in construction process or pre-existing and regardless of the size, a small flat or apartment complex - smart devices are designed to simplify and streamline a connected home experience.

Battery powered wireless shading systems

Wireless shading is a perfect solution for retrofit and renovation due to the elimination of communication wiring between components. Intelligent wireless systems are available in the entire range of Ultrasound Blinds automated window shading, these treatments are scalable and offers precision control of shades in one room, multiple rooms, or an entire home or building all at the touch of a button. The home is powered by a system controller and then by using a interface like a wall keypad or touch screen you can seamlessly connect the wireless shading systems to any third-party smart home provider and conveniently operate smart devices such as shading, lighting, heating, security, audio or perform many of these actions in unison.

Our products make homes intelligent

One of the most widely adopted smart home communication protocols, our More>Less Hub communicates with other smart products using a mesh network, which creates multiple pathways for the connection of unlimited smart home devices without compromising signal and communication range. Designed to bring convenience, comfort, security, energy saving and ultimately more control in the home, the bespoke smart app gives householders upmost control of the smart devices, allowing them to operate their products remotely wherever they are. Installation is simple with no additional cables or wall cutting required, making it ideal for existing or newly constructed buildings, which can also be operated through voice control in conjunction with a smart speaker.


Bespoke Hardware Designed to Enhance

Shading systems for privacy and sun protection

As innovative developers and manufacturers of made-to-measure daylight control systems, Ultrasound Blinds proudly looks back on 25 years of success with ongoing further development of technology, that leads to the constant improvement of our products. To ensure that the finished product meets your and our high demands, we begin early with quality assurance.

Premium materials and certified quality, guarantee perfect functioning and an attractive first-rate roller shading system. Patented aluminium shafts with eccentric internal contouring even out tolerances, ensuring that the components sit firmly and securely. The size of the roller blind is in complete harmony with the size of the window, with discreet hardware designed to integrate flawlessly into any living or working environment.

Sleek design compliments modern architecture

Installation with specialist brackets allows secure and variable attachment to the wall and ceiling, used with our flat mounting clips ensuring the smallest possible gap to the wall/ceiling. All the hardware, components, covers and configurations are complete with a very minimalist, modern design and concealed components that fit perfectly into contemporary architecture. All profiles are anodised in silver or powder-coated in white, black, grey or beige. Brackets and screws can be covered easily and elegantly with choice of colour finishes.

Aesthetically pleasing custom solutions

Providing the widest scope for your own design, each system includes a selection of specific hardware types that differs with regard to control options, configurations and possible applications; including self-contained concealment options, bottom bar designs and fabric. Perfect customisation to the architectural setting with our roller shading systems in terms of design, operation, safety and appearance is guaranteed in every case. Entirely bespoke, the portfolio is expanded with custom powder-coating for the ultimate colour co-ordination and a truly outstanding look.


Automated Shading for Luxury Smart Homes

Connected smart home devices

The continued growth in technology impacts on how we live and information technology is revolutionizing the products in our homes. A smart home with connected devices is increasingly in demand and shading features are favoured amongst the top integrated and highly requested products for an intelligent smart home. Smart devices communicate with each other and can be accessed through a single central point system, that allows a wide range of products and services to function including blinds and curtains for a truly connected experience.

Benefits of smart shading in residential projects

Ultrasound Blinds smart shading systems work with the world's leading home automation and smart home control providers - such as Control4, Rako, Crestron, KNX and many more, through control devices or by automated settings that function alongside lighting to increase energy efficiency. Our smart shades allow more capabilities, features and benefits at your fingertips by working in unison to deliver an intelligent connected home experience, that makes life more convenient, safe and enjoyable. With touchscreen, keypad, voice, and app access, you can easily raise, lower, or tilt individual or group window treatments and create a fully integrated smart home that's uniquely yours.

Expanding our integration compatibilities gives customers wider options to enhance and personalize their home experience. By using smart home control devices homeowners can operate all window treatments at once or set a schedule to manage natural sunlight coming into their property. Whether at home or at work, smart technology connects products and services such as lighting, shading, heating, security and audio.

More>Less by Ultrasound Blinds is available with all electric and battery shading systems and can operate with leading third-party smart home and building management systems, providing confidence to our customers to choose specialist solar shading in the knowledge that they will integrate seamlessly for an enhanced personalised smart home experience.

Investing in smart technology can boost the value of your home

Investing in smart technology and home automation can drastically increase the value of a property by up to 38 per cent and improve energy efficiency ratings helping to lower carbon footprint. An energy-efficient home is more attractive to perspective buyers and smart shading contributes to energy savings substantially by automatically adjusting the shading schedule according to daylight levels or simply set preferred scenes. A home hub virtual assistant such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and the Apple HomeKit, seamlessly integrates smart devices offering a retro-fit solution for a connected home. Voice assistants are a cost-effective solution and do not require pre-planning or expensive wiring and will set your home apart from the other homes for sale in the local area.

To understand the benefits of smart shading in residential projects and review the most commonly used motorised smart shading systems, contact us for more information and case studies to explain the possibilities and considerations for shading connected homes.


Redefining Traditional Venetian Blinds

What is a Venetian Blind

A Venetian Blind is a window treatment that consists of horizontal slats that can be easily adjusted to control the amount of light entering a room. The slats are attached with inner cords and can be raised, lowered, or tilted to achieve the desired level of privacy and flexible light control. With our unique commitment to innovation, we've taken the original window blind to the next level with new materials, finishes and advanced operation options.

Our modern Venetian Blind systems enhance the interior design of all applications with premium quality hardware made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials, precision-engineered design and bespoke decorative features for truly unique styling.

Types Of Venetian Blind Systems

Our custom-made Venetian Blinds deliver both the sophistication and eco-credentials that modern environments demand. We have a wide range of Venetian blinds to suit any style and budget.

  • Wand Operated - Wand operated Venetian Blind systems are made from metal aluminium slats, they feature a smooth operating cord to lower/raise the blind with a premium locking design and a control wand to easily tilt the slats for precise light entry.
  • Cord Operated - Cord operated Venetian Blind systems are made from wood slats with timber of your choice, you can seamlessly adjust the angle of the slats to allow flexible light entry and lower/raise the blind.
  • Hand operated - Hand operated Venetian Blind systems offer a choice of metal or timber slats built into a unique frame-fitted structure, this allows installation directly on to windows and doors, operated with a wand for tilting and handle for lower/raising the blind.
  • Electrically Operated - Electric Venetian Blind systems with metal or wood slats are motorised for a convenient and smart shading option that can be operated with a wall switch, remote control, phone/tablet via App and smart home integration.

Benefits of Venetian Blind Systems

Now that you know more about Venetian blind systems, it's time to consider the benefits they can provide.

  • Light Control: Venetian Blind systems provide flexible and convenient light entry to suit your needs.
  • Privacy: By adjusting the slats, you can maintain your privacy whilst allowing light into the room.
  • Durability: Venetian Blind systems are made from robust materials built to last, making them a smart investment for your home or office.
  • Versatility: Suitable for any window and door with smart integrability configurations.
  • Aesthetics: Available in a wide range of colours and materials, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your décor and enhances the design of your space.

Who Should Consider Venetian Blind Systems

Venetian blind systems are an excellent choice for anyone who desires to control light and privacy in their environment. These versatile blinds suit every place, whether you're looking for a classic economic option or luxurious, electrically-operated system with premium materials, Venetian blind systems offer various options to meet your needs.

They are suitable for any room in the home for applications including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, conservatories and more. Venetian Blinds are traditionally used in offices, as they available in wide widths and provide hassle-free effective window shading. We also manufacture with anti-ligature brackets that are used in hospitals and clinics.

Our Venetian Blind systems have a solution for everyone and all applications. Venetian blinds feature bespoke headrails, custom fitted to any window template with metal or timber slat collections, all of which come in various colours and designs.

Design Options

We have various design options, allowing you to choose the perfect blinds for your home or office.

  • A vast range of colours and textures: Find the perfect match for your décor, to suit every interior style whether you're looking for a subtle or a bold statement.
  • Decorative ladder tapes, tassel and valance options: Design options allow you to enhance the style of your blinds further, adding a touch of personalization to your space.
  • Satin or matte finish to high gloss options - There's a finish to suit every interior style and personal preference.

If you’d like to discuss Venetian blinds for your project, then get in touch with us here and our expert team will assist you.


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